Danes increasingly acquiring a taste for organic food

Organic food sales are going one way – and that is up, newly-released figures show

Danes are voting through their wallets and sending a clear signal that they want a food production system more in harmony with nature and with fewer chemicals being used.

Figures just released from Danmarks Statistik show that sales of organic food increased by 15 percent during 2016. In other words, every Dane consumed organic food worth 2,000 kroner last year.

It is still items such as milk, cheese and eggs that are the most popular, but sales of organic vegetables increased by 26 percent.

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Now, organic foods count for 9.6 percent of total food sales in Denmark.

“The figures show clearly that Danes are now ready for even more organic food. Supermarkets have been competing with each other to have the broadest range of organic foods,” explained Kirsten Lund Jensen, the head of the organic section at the Danish Agriculture and Food Council.

In total, 334,900 tonnes of organic foodstuffs with a value of 8 billion kroner were sold in 2016. Of this, milk, cheese and eggs accounted for almost half.