Summer weather finally kicking in this week

Parts of Denmark to see temperatures exceeding 25 degrees on Thursday

Thanks to a cold spring, it’s been rough going for those looking for a natural tanning session in Denmark this year. But this week could finally bring the change everyone has been yearning for.

According to the national weather forecaster DMI, temperatures will heat up on Wednesday and particularly Thursday, with temperatures exceeding 25 degrees in parts of the country.

“It will be a pretty nice week that will provide us with some heat. There will be a decent amount of sunshine and Thursday will give us temperatures of about 20-25 degrees,” said Frank Nielsen, a meteorologist at DMI, according to BT tabloid.

“It will be warmest in south Jutland, were temperatures could exceed 25 degrees. There are indications this will be the first summer day this year.”

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Frivolous Friday
But before we get to the sunshine, we must endure just a little bit more pain, particularly on Tuesday, which is expected to offer rain and temperatures of only 15 degrees.

Nielsen was a little more uncertain when it came to predicting Friday’s weather, but one thing is for sure: the golden rays of the sun will be radiating down on Bornholm.

So, since the Swedes seem to be far superior when it comes to producing music than the Danes, here is their classic summer song. Bring on ‘Sommartider’!