Danish supermarket chain eyeing new app payment method

But the new solution hasn’t been overly well received thus far

In a bid to reduce queues and make shopping a smoother experience, the Danish supermarket giant Coop has fixed its gaze on a new app-payment method.

The method, which will be launched during 2018, involves using the app ‘Bip og Betal’ (‘Beep and Pay’), which allows customers to scan their goods themselves as they shop and avoid queuing by simply paying using the app.

The new method has been tested in certain Coop shops, and according to Finans.dk, the chain will begin by establishing it at all Fakta shops.

Customers who don’t have smartphones can use a normal cordless scanner that they can carry around the shop with them.

“The Fakta chain is the right place to initially launch it permanently, as their customers tend to spend less than at the larger supermarkets,” Jan Madsen, the head of Coop, told Finans.dk.

“It’s essential we make it easy and simple for consumers to shop – particularly in the discount sector.”

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Needs work
Madsen maintained that the app solution would also be a more affordable direction for Coop as it will probably mean they will require less staff.

However, the new app solution isn’t for everyone, apparently.

Until now, the app has garnered a low score on Appstore, netting just one star out of five. Among the chief complaints are scanning issues, which has driven several customers to immediately delete the app or never use it again.