Sunshine set to continue this week in Denmark

Temperatures poised to hit the mid-20s by the weekend

It’s little surprise that one of Denmark’s biggest-selling songs of all time is a song about sunshine.

Few people are as appreciative of the sun as the Danes – they flock outside to bask in the warming rays at the slightest break in cloud-cover, regardless of the accompanying temperatures.

Well, they can safely put on that classic ‘Sunshine Reggae’ track and get out there this week, because she’s going to be a beauty.

According to the national weather forecaster DMI, Denmark will see plenty of sunshine this week, with temperatures creeping over 20 degrees on occasion.

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In the 20s
However, it wouldn’t be Denmark without a blip, or should that be drip, on the horizon.

While today is expected to be a cracker, Tuesday may bring some rain and cool wind, and Wednesday could see a slight dip in temperatures.

Things perk up again for Ascension Day on Thursday, before the temperature and sun flourish in earnest on Friday and Saturday with temperatures exceeding 20 degrees.

In the capital region, temperatures will hit 24 on Saturday and stay at this level for the next four days – which is what they call a heatwave in this neck of the woods. Nevertheless, that’s a week away, and long-term forecasts are less reliable.

“There are many sunshine days and just a few small showers here and there, so the weather will be nice and stable ahead of the weekend,” Klaus Larsen, a DMI meteorologist, told Metroxpress newspaper.