Danish politicians survive 22-day vegan diet challenge

Experts say that intensive farming is doing considerable harm to the planet and it is important to raise awareness of this issue

Several politicians from Denmark’s Alternativet and Enhedslisten parties gave up meat and animal products for 22 days in a bid to benefit the environment.

Five members of Alternativet, including party leader Uffe Elbæk, took up the challenge to draw attention to how Western food production has an enormous climate footprint.

Elbæk said it was important that politicians ‘walk the talk’ if they expected citizens to take their claims seriously, and he has urged Socialistisk Folkeparti to also take up the challenge.

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I’m a survivor!
“I’d like to thank those who gave me the challenge. I survived and survived well,” Elbæk said via a Facebook message once the 22 days were completed.

“The biggest challenge came the other day when I was at a party and was served Irish coffee and I wasn’t allowed to have cream in it. But I overcame that by pouring more whisky in and adding extra sugar.”