CPH STAGE: Investigate parallel realities and the afterlife with ‘The Society of Lost Souls’

June 2-3 & 6-10, 20:00; Det Kongelige Teater – Gamle Scene, Cph K; 200kr

Apart from the content of horror movies and religious depictions of the afterlife, we know very little about parallel realities. Are they as organized as our own world? Are the inhabitants as confused as we are?

Moreover, what problems – if any – arise from the multicultural nature of the afterlife?

The big questions
With ‘The Society of Lost Souls’, Norwegian choreographer Jo Strømgren and a group of dancers finally provide the answer to the big question: What happens when life ends?

Stephen Hawking, Pope Francis, Dalai Lama and the descendants of Albert Einstein have already been invited, and of course, the Danish audience will also be able to witness the historic event.