CPH STAGE: ‘The Letter’ is a classic one-man show

June 1-5, 16:00, June 4 also 14:00; Østre Gasværks Teater, Cph Ø; 100kr

Since 1992, The Letter has been performed over 1,200 times, in 37 countries. It’s already a classic that continues attracting audiences of all ages.

A non-verbal tour de force
Paolo Nani, alone on stage with props that can be held in a suitcase and without a word being said, brings a simple story to life, playing it in 15 different versions: forwards, backwards, with surprises, in a vulgar way, drunk, as if in a Western, horror or silent movie, as a circus act …

The Letter is a sparkling study in style, creativity and timing, filled with details and gags from start to end, provoking repeated roars of laughter.