Little Mermaid doused with red paint

Famous landmark suffers again at the hands of unknown vandals

Tourists flocking to see Denmark’s most famous landmark, the Little Mermaid, will be met with an unexpected sight today.

Unknown perpetrators have doused the iconic sculpture with red paint overnight.

Copenhagen Police were alerted to its ‘new attire’ early this morning at 06:30.

“I can confirm she certainly isn’t bronze-coloured any more,” said Thomas Tarpgaard, a police spokesperson, according to DR Nyheder.

“Actually, it was Ekstra Bladet [tabloid newspaper] that called in and reported it. So then we drove out there and the Little Mermaid was indeed painted red. We don’t know how long it has been painted red, but it likely occurred overnight.”

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Aarhus connection?
Tarpgaard said the police are opening up an investigation into the vandalism and that the municipality will be cleaning up the sculpture shortly.

The police don’t have a theory as of yet, but suggest that the paint attack could be politically motivated.

Over the bank holiday weekend, a fierce debate began regarding a contentious artwork in Aarhus that involved painting trees, bushes and grass in one of the city’s most cherished park areas.

It’s not the first time that the Little Mermaid has sustained an attack. It’s been beheaded (twice) and, more recently, had to share the limelight with a naked artist.

It’s fair to say that Copenhagen’s biggest draw has endured more than most sculptures.