New passage to India from Denmark soon to lift off

Air India to establish a new direct air route between Copenhagen and New Dehli

As a result of meetings between Air India and Danish ministers and ambassadors, a direct flight between Copenhagen and New Delhi will now become a reality.

India is one of the fastest-growing members of the G20 economic group and will soon have the world’s highest population, so is a country which Denmark has a great strategic interest in co-operating with.

The link has been on the drawing board for some time now.

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“A direct route to New Delhi will mean a great deal to Danish companies in India and provide opportunities for increased trade between the countries. It will also give tourists a quicker and much more pleasant journey,” said Ole Birk Olesen, the minister for transport, housing and building.

Unexploited export potential
The foreign minister, Anders Samuelsen added that “Both politically and economically, India is an essential country in Asia that at the same time can offer great unexploited export potential for Danish companies, know-how and technology.”

The route is expected to start up on September 16 and it will be possible to fly from Copenhagen to New Delhi three times per week.