Supermarket chain Aldi closes 32 shops in Denmark

The move comes as a consequence of losing 243 million kroner in 2016

Key figures for 2016 from the German-owned discount supermarket chain Aldi were again disappointing in Denmark, this time indicating a loss of 243 million kroner.

The chain has been running at a loss in Denmark since 2010 and total losses for a six year period have been at least 975 million kroner, Berlingske reports.

As a consequence, Aldi has closed 32 of its 220 shops in the country. The staff have being offered the chance to transfer to other branches wherever possible.

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Putting a brave face on it
It is not all bad news, though. The remaining shops are to be given a face-lift and Aldi intends to invest a three-figure million kroner sum to bring them up to date.

“We listen to our customers and would like to give them better purchasing opportunities. That’s why we are closing the small, outdated shops and opening new, bigger and more modern shops,” said Thomas Bang, Aldi’s quality director and communications chief.

“We recognise that we have to give our customers a better shopping experience than we’ve done up to now, otherwise we won’t remain a relevant part of the discount market,” Bang added.

The announcement comes hot on the heels of the unexpected closure of the Kiwi supermarket chain earlier in May.