Prestigious Norwegian architecture firm to build Ordrupgaard extension

Gallery in Copenhagen’s Charlottenlund suburb will be closed for two years from September 2017 to realise extensive expansion plans

Ordrupgaard is famous for its unique collection of French impressionist and Danish Golden Age paintings.

However, tourists and local visitors will have to forgo these delights for two years, as the gallery will be closed from September 2017 to build an extension.

The new building, which will be mostly underground, will measure approximately 1,600 sqm and be named ‘Himmelhaven’ (heavenly garden). It will be designed by the Norwegian architecture firm Snöhetta, which was also responsible for Oslo’s opera house.

All mod cons
Himmelhaven will live up to all the modern criteria for museum technology – both in regard to light and temperature controls.

The extension will provide an exciting showcase for the museum’s French collection and enable fragile works such as pastels by Degas to be exhibited, which at present cannot be displayed.

At the same time, there will also be more space for the museum’s permanent collection.

Although the museum will be more or less closed, a few events are expected to take place in the sculpture park. On top of that, a number of works will be on loan to galleries abroad, whilst the Danish collection will be on tour to a number of Danish museums.