June: the month of urban festivals

Ahead of the muddy madness that dominates July and August, there are plenty of cultural offerings on your doorstep in the capital

Combining music, art, talks and food, the second annual Heartland Festival is returning to the 16th century Egeskov Castle and its surrounding gardens.

Heartland caters to a quality-conscious and culture-interested audience. Its founder and main organiser, Ulrik Ørum-Petersen, calls it “a festival unlike any other in Denmark, but of the kind that is successful in other countries – for example England and the Netherlands”.

The music program, which includes both Danish and international names, aims to present inspiring and captivating experiences. It will also feature a lot of different genres. Among the headliners are Bryan Ferry, Eddie Vedder, Miguel and Flying Lotus.

Contemporary art will be on display outdoors, set up in juxtaposition and contrast with the castle in the background.

The live talks at the festival will include some famous Danish and international participants. Among the talks to look forward are those involving REM frontman Michael Stipe, Generation X author Douglas Coupland, Icelandic-Danish architect Olafur Eliasson and many more.

For its food component, the festival is paying special attention to locally produced ingredients, which have been given a prominent place in the selection.
Heartland has a lot of surprises and event ideas up its sleeves, so expect to be surprised when the full program is unveiled in June!

Nordvest Festival
June 2-5; Cph NV; free adm
With different events going on every day, come out to the Nordvest Festival for a classic neighbourhood party as people meet, eat together, play music, and shop in a flea market. Quickly overtaking Nørrebro as the city’s edgiest district, gentrification has failed to rob it of its character. (JC)

Jewish Culture Festival
June 2-7; various locations throughout the city; jkfestival.dk
The annual Jewish Culture Festival is back for its seventh edition and better than ever, presenting more exciting concerts, lectures and debates. Make sure you join in if you’re interested in learning more about Jewish culture. Shalom to one and all!

Polish Culture Festival
June 9-11; various locations throughout the city; cphcultural.wordpress.com
Organised by the Copenhagen Cultural Network, this festival aims to bring together Polish, Danish and other international communities in Copenhagen to showcase the country’s film, music, media, cuisine and art.

Female Music Festival
June 10-11, 14:00-23:00; Onkel Dannys Plads, Cph V
A number of female musicians and activists have joined forces with Danish organisation Demos to create a day of music and activism catered to female tastes. All genders are welcome at the festival, although this one is principally for the ladies.

June 23-27; Korsgadehallen, Korsgade 29, Cph Nordhavn
Test your cooking (and eating) skills as people from Asian countries exhibit their homemade food and traditional products during the event. There will also be various cultural shows. The festival is hosted by the Nepalese Street Festival Foundation.

Thai Festival
June 24, 10:00-18:00; Havneparken, Islands Brygge 37, Cph S; free adm
Experience true Thai culture by the water at Copenhagen’s popular harbour area. Entrance is free and there will be Thai street food vendors, cultural performances and a change to win a flight to Thailand.