Denmark’s culture minister to visit Germany

From June 7-9, the Danish minister of culture will meet with German politicians and Danish representatives of cultural networks

Denmark and Germany have a lot in common culturally.

The minister of culture, Mette Bock, feels so strong about it that she has even taken the initiative to have Danish/German minority and border affairs moved from the Ministry of Education to her ministry.

“I have felt an obvious increased interest here in the German language and culture, especially amongst young people. I’d like to support this development in close dialogue with German authorities and cultural institutions.”

A broader focus
She added that “we have a lot in common with Germany, but we need to focus more broadly than purely on economic ties”.

As well as meeting the German minister for culture and media, she will visit the artist Olafur Eliasson.

Bock will also take part in the opening of the Nordart 2017 exhibition, where more than 200 international artists, selected by a jury, display their work in a former iron foundry at Carlshütte.