French president lauds Danish job market system

There was high praise indeed for PM Lars Løkke Rasmussen and Denmark yesterday in Paris

Emmanuel Macron, the newly-elected president of France, has declared himself a fan of the ‘Danish Model’ of industrial relations.

Macron made the comments in the company of the Danish prime minister, Lars Løkke Rasmussen, who was in Paris on Wednesday to meet with the French president at the Elysée Palace.

Referring to the so-called flexicurity system, Macron said: “I would like to say that in many ways Denmark is a role model.”

The system allows hiring and firing of the workforce relatively easily, but at the same time it provides a comprehensive social security net for employees.

A source of inspiration
“The Danish model is a source of inspiration to many, and for France as well of course,” the president continued.

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During his election campaign in May, Macron promised to push through reforms that would help the French economy grow and create new jobs.

Security leads to risk-taking in a good way
“Without being conceited on Denmark’s behalf, I can say that Denmark is a country you can learn a lot from when it comes to how to create a flexible job market,” said Rasmussen in return.

“People feel secure and don’t go round worrying about losing their jobs, and by the same token companies are not afraid to take chances.”

The Danish PM went on to say that it is also in Denmark’s interest that the French economy improves because it will have a positive effect on other European countries.