Copenhagen gets first English language daycare option

Two institutions in the capital will offer rooms for expat kids aged 0-6

Starting this month, ‘Ba, ba, black sheep’ and ‘Mary had a little lamb’ will be on the singing agenda for the day in the Danish daycare system.

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For the first time ever, Copenhagen Municipality has made it possible for parents to put their little ones in English-language rooms in the Danish daycare institution system. In future, the two daycare institutions, Børnebyen Vandværket and Idrætsinstitutionen Bavnehøj, will offer English-language rooms for kids.

The move specifically targets the many foreign workers in the capital, who wish their children to feel more comfortable in English-language surroundings.

“These days, there are more and more international workers coming to Denmark to work for Danish companies. And they bring their families and this has led to a demand for more English-language options,” Linda Wendelboe, the head of DI Global Talent, told DR Nyheder.

“When foreign workers come here, they do so while receiving varying wage levels, so there is a need for offers in different price classes.”

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Pitstop parents
The English-language daycare options are reserved for children aged 0-6 belonging to expats who expect to move away from Denmark again within a few years.

Børnebyen Vandværket is located near Vesterport Station, while Idrætsinstitutionen Bavnehøj is situated in the Sydvest district near Enghavevej.