Danish music festival to drown in an ocean of water today

As much as 28 mm of rain will fall on the NorthSide Festival in Aarhus this evening

We kid you not! Frank Ocean is due on stage at the NorthSide Festival at 23:15 this evening, by which time an estimated 28 mm of rain will have poured down on festival-goers in Aarhus.

The American musician couldn’t be more aptly-named, and the same could be said about the Danish musician Saveus, who is playing at 19:00, and Sort Sol, who are performing at 01:00 on Saturday night.

Hopefully by that time, the sun will have made an appearance, as some sunshine and only 1 mm of rain is forecast.

Downpours galore
The cause of the rain is a cold front heading to Denmark that TV2 reports will bring thunderstorms, hail and heavy downpours.

Moving across the country from southwest to northeast Jutland, it will impact the mainland and Funen the worst, with all areas seeing at least 18 mm of rain.

Zealand and the southern islands will get off comparatively lightly, with only 4 mm of rain forecast for the Capital Region.

Save us from this ocean
The cold front is expected to hit the southwest coast at around 15:00 and work its way up to Aarhus by 18:00.

As much as 20 mm of rain could fall on the festival grounds between 18:30 and 20:30 – exactly the moment the band Saveus (Martin Hedegaard, the winner of the first ‘Danish X Factor’ back in 2008) will be on stage.

By the time Frank appears on stage, he will be performing before an ocean.