Apps bringing thousands of jobs to Denmark

Some 30,000 extra jobs could be generated, but is the framework there?

Denmark’s acumen in the world of app technology looks set to bring in a significant number of jobs in the coming years.

A new report from the Nordic consultancy group Copenhagen Economics predicts that the app industry could bring in 30,000 new jobs over the next five years.

But to do that, the current share of related jobs – including the number of IT developers – will need to be doubled, according to Mette Lykke, the founder of fitness app Endomondo, one of Denmark’s most successful apps.

“It’s really hard to find developers. It’s especially difficult if you are launching your first startup without any history or network, as there aren’t enough developers here,” Lykke told TV2 News.

That impression has been echoed by the Danish business authority, Erhvervsstyrelsen, which estimates that Denmark will be lacking 19,000 IT specialists by 2030. In particular, more women are needed.

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Better framework needed
The report from Copenhagen Economics calls for better conditions to ensure even bigger app adventures, pointing in particular to the need for a greater appetite for providing Danish entrepreneurs with more start capital.

“We hear it again and again. But only because it’s the reality,” said Lykke.

“We see startups being forced to move to the US once they get the wind in their sails, because the will for risk capital is stronger over there. So it would be great if we could get more really big apps that stay at home for the whole duration.”

Lykke called for better benefits for investment in entrepreneurs, as well as more favourable tax conditions.

“It must become more attractive to take a chance. It’s tough when you can’t offer much in wages or a good chance of success,” said Lykke.