Late-June Music: A spoonful of hot thoughts

June 24, 21:00; Amager Bio; 220kr
Founded in 1993 in Austin, this indie rock band will perform hits from their new album, Hot Thoughts, released in March.
No, they’re not named after the common expression for getting it on – it was in fact chosen as a tribute to the German band Can, whose most famous song (and theme to the 1985 Jagged Edge movie) was called ‘Spoon’ – but don’t say they haven’t got a sense of humour.
Spoon blamed being dropped by the Elektra record label in 1998 on the departure of their rep Ron Laffitte, and they subsequently went on to release the singles ‘The Agony of Laffitte’ and ‘Laffitte Don’t Fail Me Now’.
Success eventually came in the early 2000s with hits such as ‘Kill the Moonlight’ and ‘GA GA GA GA GA’. (CM)

Bryan Adams
June 29, 20:00; Kulturvæftet Havnefronten, Helsingør; 695kr
The Summer of 2017 is bringing Bryan Adams to Denmark. The 57-year-old (yes, he really is that old now) got a bit cheesey in the 1990s (nobody likes mega success after all), but if previous shows are anything to go by, Adams doesn’t get older, he gets better!

Penny Police
June 15, 18:30; Pumpehuset; free adm
After a three-year break, Penny Police has finally released another single and it is everything that her fans could hope for and more. The comparisons with Lana Del Ray are well deserved and there are high hopes her expected new album in the autumn will kickstart her career again, with international fame expected to follow.