Euro 92 heroes to re-enact magical moment of triumph

A warm summer’s day 25 years ago, Denmark overcame the most formidable odds

Peter Schmeichel. Brian Laudrup. John ’Faxe’ Jensen. Flemming Povlsen. Kent Nielsen. John Sivebæk. Lars Olsen. Henrik Larsen. Kim Christofte. Johnny Mølby. Lars Elstrup. Kim Vilfort. Torben Piechnik. Torben Frank. Bent Christensen. Mogens Krogh. Claus Christiansen. Morten Bruun. Peter Nielsen. Richard Møller Nielsen.

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To the unassuming outsider, the list above may just constitute a list of random Danish names. But actually, these men accounted for the biggest moment in Danish sporting history. Hands down.

They were the team who weren’t even supposed to be there, but ended up going all the way. They’re perhaps one of the best Cinderella stories in sports history – a tale well worthy of measuring up to the very best exploits of Hans Christian Andersen.

Yes. They are the strong, brave and few from the legendary Euro 92 team.

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Give em’ a hand
On Monday 26 June, 25 years after Denmark shocked World Cup holders Germany 2-0 in Gothenburg, the public will once again be able to celebrate the brave men who provided Denmark with its most special moment in sports.

From 12:00 to 12:30, the heroes of 92 will once again pile out onto the balcony at the City Hall Square and embrace the crowd’s love and adoration  – just like they did all those years ago after triumphantly returning home.

So come down and feel the vibe, take part in history and join the Danes as they bask in their most glorious moment in sports.

It was a sunny June day in Gothenburg. The rest … is history. Hutelithut!

Check out the highlights of the game below (Danish commentary, of course)