Danish land wind turbines surpass 4 GW in total capacity

But the industry laments the government’s new support initiative

With the connection of the Korsnakke wind park in Lolland, the total capacity of land wind turbines in Denmark has now exceeded 4 GW – enough to cover about 27 percent of Denmark’s electricity consumption.

However, this milestone could be one of the last in the near future, as the opportunity to establish wind turbines  on land might end from early next year.

“Land wind turbines are the most affordable way for Denmark to transform to more sustainable energy and we should be pleased that the total amount of land wind now exceeds 4 GW,” said Jan Hylleberg, the head of wind turbine advocacy organisation, Vindmølleindustrien.

“On the other hand, it’s very unfortunate and damaging for the wind industry and the green transition that the government has yet to announce how the future expansion of land wind turbines should progress.”

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Ageing turbines
The current grant initiative for land wind turbines is set to expire on February 21, 2018 and there is no framework in place for land wind turbines after that date.

Today, there are over 4,000 wind turbines placed on Danish land and the average Danish land turbine produces just under 1 MW. But with the average age of the turbines being 19 years, many are expected to be pulled down in the coming years.

“If the government and Parliament don’t secure a solution that makes it possible to expand land turbines in the future, we will fall below 4 GW once again very soon,” said Hylleberg.