Tuborg foundation donates to campaign against plastic waste

Stephen Gadd
June 30th, 2017

This article is more than 6 years old.

The environmental organisation Plastic Change has received a very welcome gift

Recently, a short animated video (see below) on the website of the Plastic Change organisation went viral and was seen by 43 million people worldwide.

Plastic Change is an international organisation based in Denmark and was founded by a small group of activists who want to draw attention to the growing problem of plastic pollution in the environment, and its influence seems to be growing.

The royal seal of approval
Last year, Crown Prince Frederik and the environment minister, Esben Lunde Larsen, went out with representatives of the organisation on a trip to recover plastic from the Sound along the coast of Zealand.

The subsequent publicity this generated has led to the organisation being contacted by businesses, politicians and individuals who wanted to co-operate to solve the problem or wanted advice.

A very generous gesture
The Tuborg Foundation has decided to donate 4 million kroner to Plastic Change to ensure that over the next six years the organisation can grow and develop into a sustainable non-profit organisation.

The leader of the foundation, Ann-Marie Skov, is keen to support groups that can engage people in important social challenges.

“Plastic Change is a good example of an organisation that manages to engage a lot of people in a common goal to fight pollution from plastic in our seas and – together with companies and other partners in society – find new, sustainable solutions.”

The support of the foundation is greatly appreciated by the environmental organisation.

“Tuborg Foundation’s support is important to allow Plastic Change to grow big and strong and take up the challenge we’ve set ourselves to prevent plastic ending up in the sea,” said the leader of the organisation, Henrik Beha Pedersen.


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