Out & About: Hands-on education with European Youth Week

During European Youth Week in early May, young people from all over Denmark converged on Ishøj to take part in events aimed to promote active youth lifestyles through sports, democracy, and informal learning.

The seven-day project’s goal was to introduce young people from Denmark to the Erasmus + program and how it can shape their future.

Among the activities, the youngsters went go-karting at Ishøj Motor Center where the youngsters not only learned how to race a car, but build one.

They also produced music with Beatzbank; let off steam with Sports 4 Life; had inspirational Skype chats, including one with home-grown animator Chris Ebenings, who helped make ‘The Lego Movie’ and its spin-offs

And the week began with a trip to Labour Day in Fælledparken on May 1

European Youth Week was co-ordinated by Raymond Andrews (right) with Erasmus +, Ishøj Ungdomsskole and UngeNET.