Coming soon to Danish social media circles: #embarrassingparents

The opinion of a Year 9 student writing in a national newspaper is rapidly being embraced by the country

A Jyllands-Posten oped written by a Danish teenager from Værløse about embarrassing parents is rapidly resonating across the country.

The Year 9 writer Celina Schøn highlights some of the cardinal sins parents are prone to making on social media when interacting with teenagers: for example, adopting abbreviations like OMG and tagging photos in which their children look hideous.

And she also throws in some of the faux pas that occur in real life, like showing their teenage child’s baby photos and fashion bloopers to their first ever sweetheart.

Embrace and enjoy
However, her overall message is that her peers should embrace the embarrassment, as it is merely a sign that their parents love them.

Parental posts often pulls down the façade of teenage life, and this is a good thing, argues Schøn, providing the posts can be laughed at once the children reach adulthood.

Whether this will lead to a new hashtag trend, #embarrassingparents, remains to be seen.