International News in Brief: The terror threat lying in Sweden

In other news, Iceberg the Italian dog has won a reprieve, two Danes have been discovered dead in Indonesia, and a Dane with links to IS has been arrested in Spain

The PET intelligence bureau has told DR that Denmark’s biggest terror threat lies in neighbours like Sweden. Swedish intelligence bureau SÄPO recently warned that Sweden is harbouring thousands of extremists. In contrast, PET received only 62 reports of radical asylum-seekers in Denmark in 2016, according to a Ministry of Justice email accessed by DR. Experts stress that this is proportionally a low figure and that most of the reports – from asylum centres mainly – probably amounted to very little, and some concerned the same individuals.

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Dangerous breed wins reprieve on Doggy Death Row
Iceberg, a dangerous dog breed sentenced to die by the Danish authorities after it injured a man trying to break it free from another dog, has won a reprieve and will now be returned to Italy. The Dogo Argentino breed was able to enter Denmark during the spring via conventional channels despite its breed being one of nine outlawed in Denmark. A petition gathered over 350,000 signatures as thousands lobbied the Danish embassy in Rome, organising a protest outside its gates.

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Dane with ties to IS arrested in Spain
A 29-year-old Syrian-born Dane was arrested in Malaga, Spain on June 30 under suspicion he has fought for Islamic State in Syria, reports AFP. It follows the arrest of another Dane in similar circumstances in Melilla, a Spanish enclave in north Africa.

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Two Danes dead in Indonesia
Two Danish citizens have died in Indonesia, according to the Foreign Ministry. Their relatives have been informed, but no other details have been released regarding the deaths.