Another splendid summer of film at the open air cinemas in Copenhagen

But seriously! Including ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ in the line-up is tempting fate a bit

“Cinemas. Don’t get me started on how expensive cinemas are! I wait until I can download ‘em online. At 49 kroner a pop, for the whole family I’m saving hundreds of kroner every time.”

“Downloads! You’ve got to be joking! My streaming service costs 100 kroner a month. All the films you’d want, as long as you can wait a year or so.”

“Netflix! You’re being had mate. I wait until it’s on the national state broadcaster. Sure, that can take a decade, but I get to see them in the end!”

“Pay for a media licence? Pah! Nah, I go out in the park! Might end up waiting half a lifetime, but I’m going to watch David Lynch’s Blue Velvet on August 1 at Kongens Have. Hope it’s worth the wait!”

King of the disco in King’s Garden
David Lynch’s peek beneath the glossy veneer of small town America is one of two films being screened by the nearby Cinemateket in the ‘King’s Garden’ just off Gothersgade in the city centre.

Also on the line-up is Saturday Night Fever a day later. Both films start at 21:45 and it’s free entry.

Leader of the T-Birds in Tivoli
But if you can’t wait that long, maybe you can pay Tivoli’s modest 120 kroner entry fee (it’s the rides that cost an arm and a leg) and watch some of the films on its summer line-up, starting with Singin’ in the Rain at Plænen at 20:00 on July 9.

Before you say it, we know that’s a ridiculous choice for an open air cinema screening, but as of today DMI is forecasting no rain, so bring a brolly, but only to dance around like Gene Kelly.

Also on the Sunday evening line-up are Groundhog Day (July 16), Mamma Mia! (July 23), Grease (July 30) and Top Gun (August 7) – all at 20:00.

Star Wars lights up Sommerbio
Long-time open air screeners Zulu Sommerbio have an action-packed August week in store, starting with Underverden at Carlsberg Byen on August 14 at 21:00.

Staying in Carlsberg, the following night offers Arrival (Aug 15) – the first undeniably fresh offering of the summer, and the recent releases continue with a vengeance as Zulu switches over to Fælledparken.

Mammoth box office hit Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (Aug 16), Best Film Oscar winner Moonlight (Aug 17) and the highly rated inter-racial dating dramedy Get Out (Aug 18) complete a formidable line-up in the city’s premier park.