DSB may continue coffee and snack sales on some trains

No decision yet, but the trial run looks promising

Although DSB dropped the clumsy overpriced food trolleys from trains in 2014, passengers have been able to buy coffee, tea, water, nuts and marcipan bread on some trains since June 29.

Rather than pushing a cart, customers are informed via the PA system on some Intercity and Lyntog stretches that the goodies are available for purchase at a fixed location in a train car.

The trial effort seems to be off to a good start.

“We can see that sales have risen sharply,” Aske Wieth-Knudsen, head of DSB Commercial told Ekstra Bladet. “Before we introduced the coffee, we sold a snack bag on the train.Adding the coffee has caused sales to rise tenfold since June 29.”

No extra employees required
Wieth-Knudsen said that DSB would evaluate the program in the fall to see if sales justify continuing it.

The former sales carts required a dedicated –  and highly-paid – employee. Before food trolley sales were halted trolley attendants, were reportedly earning a whopping 475,000 kroner a year – or about 39,600 kroner per month. The small product range now available allows the program to be handled by existing employees.

“There is no additional staff needed to sell a cup of coffee,” said Wieth-Knudsen. “These are the same employees that handle the tickets.”

The new stationary sales station is not open for the entire journey. An announcement is made on the trains when sales begin.