Mascots at Danish amusement park being subjected to violence

Both adults and children abusing mascots at BonBon-Land

Working as a loveable mascots at Bon Bon-Land in southern Zealand should be the kind of summer job that helps a teenager bring smiles and fun.

But the mother of one 15-year-old girl named Laura who is spending her holiday inside one of the warm suits has taken to Facebook to say that her daughter is actually being attacked while on the job.

“Laura and her mascot colleagues are exposed to violence from adults and children every day,” posted the angry mother.

“Children kick them in the leg, punch them in the stomach, climb on them, spit on them … I could go on and on,” said Camilla Christiansen. “and the parents just stand there and laugh.”

Management aware
The management at BonBon Land said that it is aware of the problem and taking steps to protect the mascots.

“We have a lot of great guests, but in recent years we have experienced an unfortunate trend,” said BonBon-Land director Mattis Willms. “Sometimes we are quite amazed at how people treat our mascots and our other employees.”

Despite the abuse 15-year-old Laura still enjoys her job.

“Laura loves her work in Bonbon-Land, it’s a great workplace, and she enjoys a thousand smiling and happy children every day,” said Christiansen.