News in Digest: Favourable for business and jobs

Employment prospects booming in apps and across the Øresund

Denmark is the most favourable place to do business in Europe, according to a EuCham ranking of 45 of the continent’s countries that the Nordics dominated, taking the top five places.

Denmark was judged by the NGO to have 86 percent of the ideal conditions, and it ranked number three in the world, behind New Zealand and Singapore.

30,000 new jobs
it would appear this is paying dividends, as a report from the Nordic consultancy Copenhagen Economics predicts the app industry could bring in 30,000 new jobs over the next five years.

However, the current share of related jobs – including the number of IT developers – will need to be doubled, according to Mette Lykke, the founder of fitness app Endomondo.

The business authority, Erhvervsstyrelsen, estimates Denmark will lack 19,000 IT specialists by 2030. In particular, more women are needed.

Scania shortage
More jobs could also be on the horizon in Scania in southern Sweden, according to a survey by the Arbetsförmedlingen labour exchange, which expects several industries – such as the health service, education and IT – to struggle to find qualified applicants.

Arbetsförmedlingen expects an extra 12,500 jobs to be created in 2017 and 9,600 in 2018.  Additionally, cooks, bus drivers, construction workers and craftsmen are in short supply, News Øresund reports.

Spouse success
Back home, Denmark is fighting to hold onto its own highly-skilled workers, and it is becoming increasingly successful at finding jobs for the workers’ spouses.

Dansk Industri particularly applauds the Career Mentoring Programme run by the Lyngby-Taarbæk City of Knowledge and Urban Development, which finds jobs for 57 percent of its participants within six months of completion. Just 21 percent remain unemployed.