Danish vagina cream outrages British tabloid

Ahead of Perfect V’s international launch on Thursday, the Daily Mail cuts loose with a broadside

British newspaper the Daily Mail is outraged.

“Would you highlight your VAGINA?” it asks its readers today, revealing that a Danish brand has sparked outrage amongst the DM newsroom by launching a range of “intimate pampering products” in Scandinavia that will make the vulva glow.

One of the Perfect V creams, which will be launched worldwide on July 27, promises to “renew and improve the skin, making it appear more youthful and fresh”.

And a ‘vagina highlighter’ search on Twitter quickly paid dividends for the DM as a procession of posters provided fodder for its latest ‘outraged from Tunbridge Wells’ story.

Remember Gwyneth? 
But just in case the juices of outrage weren’t flowing enough following the headline, the opening sentence succeeded in reminding us we live in a world gone to pot: “First it was Gwyneth advocating a ‘mugworth vaginal steam’ to cleanse the uterus, then it was glitter bombs to make secretions look pretty.”

The range is the brainchild of Avonda Urben, a Copenhagen-based New York beauty expert who worked for L’Oreal in the late 1990s and launched the company Perfect V Enterprises in January 2015.

According to Perfect V, the cream is “designed to keep your ‘V’ in shape, and make you feel good all over – whether you want to bare it all, or lose your underwear anywhere, anytime”.

It is inspired, revealed the DM, by Scandinavian women who are confident to strip in public, whatever their age or shape.