At Copenhagen’s cannonball championships, mass is an asset

This event is the bomb!

For most athletes, a competitive edge is honed through training, discipline and focus.

For those competing in Denmark’s cannonball splash championships, sheer mass is the name of the game.

This Sunday August 13, the competition will be making a splash at Fisketorvet, drawing Danish heavyweights such as defending champion ‘Tsunami Lars’ (a formidable 108 kilos) as well as promising challenger ‘Tower Jump Thomsen’ (a thundering 115).

Experienced cannonballers and novice competitors alike strive for the same goal: to generate a spectacular splash upon entry. The water bomb contest will be judged by an international panel, which rates competitors according to the daring, spectacular nature of their jump as well as the size of the resultant splash.

Men’s and women’s categories of competition are available, with free entry and sign-up commencing at Fisketorvet at 11:00. The contest begins at 13:00, with tremendous prizes on the line: anything from free boat rental to a 10,000 kroner gym membership.

Now is the time to amass mass and refine technique – the throne of ‘Cannonball Champion’ could be yours.