Dutch egg scandal hatches in Denmark

Some 40 eggs infected with the poisonous insecticide found in Jutland bakery

The eggs scandal that has led to millions of eggs being withdrawn from supermarket shelves in a number of European nations has reached Danish shores.

The Danish food authority, Fødevarestyrelsen, has confirmed that 40 eggs infected with the poisonous insecticide Fipronil have been found in a bakery in Jutland.

“We can confirm that they are eggs that hail from one of the infected farms in the Netherlands,” Nikolas Kühn Hove, a spokesperson for Fødevarestyrelsen, told TV2 News.

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Danish eggs fine
The scandal erupted last week when it was discovered that about 200 eggs producers in the Netherlands and Belgium were illegally using Fipronil on their chickens – which is against EU law. The scandal has proven to be far-reaching, with poisonous eggs being found in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and Sweden.

In the Netherlands, 300,000 chickens have been put down over the scandal, and it is feared that millions more will end up suffering the same fate.

In Denmark, the eggs were discovered before they were used and have been returned to the distributor, but Fødevarestyrelsen wouldn’t rule out more cases popping up in the nation.

The food authority did, however, ensure consumers that Danish eggs, which make up the majority of eggs sold in supermarkets in Denmark, were safe to eat.