Egg scandal gathering momentum in Denmark

Danish company acquired 20 tonnes of contaminated eggs from Belgian distributor

The Dutch egg scandal that has engulfed a number of European nations recently, has now hit Denmark in earnest.

The food authority, Fødevarestyrelsen, has revealed that 20 tonnes of eggs contaminated with the pesticide Fipronil have been sold in Denmark. The news comes a day after some of the eggs were found in a bakery in Jutland.

“It’s the Danish company Danæg Products that has received a total of 20 tonnes of boiled and peeled eggs from a Belgian distributor,” Fødevarestyrelsen wrote in a press release.

“The eggs are typically sold to canteens, kitchens, cafes and catering companies and are unlikely to have been sold in great number to Danish supermarkets.”

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Two arrests made
Fødevarestyrelsen contends that while the eggs are illegal, they are not deemed to be dangerous.

Two people in the Netherlands have been arrested in connection with the scandal, which has reached a number of nations in Europe, including Sweden, the UK and Germany.

Fødevarestyrelsen wouldn’t rule out other cases in Denmark coming to light regarding the import of tainted eggs.