UPDATE: Rescue effort halted as missing submarine is found

‘Nautilus’ ran into technical problems and couldn’t return to its docks

The comprehensive search for the missing submarine ‘Nautilus’ has been ceased after it was found heading towards shore in Køge Bay.

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Original story from this morning below


Two Defence helicopters and three ships are currently searching for a private submarine that failed to return to the docks in Copenhagen Harbour as scheduled.

The submarine, named ‘Nautilus’, was reported missing at 02:30 last night by a partner of one of the two passengers on board.

The other passenger on board is believed to be Peter Madsen, who built the submarine and is known as ‘Rocket Madsen’ for his work within rocketry.

“We need to think worst case here, so we are searching for the submarine with everything we have. Worst case is that it has sunk and can’t surface on its own power,” Christer Haven, a spokesperson for the Defence, told DR Nyheder.

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Eyes and ears
The Defence was informed by a cruise ship at 20:30 last night that it had spotted the sub sailing out of the harbour and it is possible it was seen at the surface near the lighthouse, Drogden Fyr.

Ships passing through the area have been asked to keep their eyes and ears open, and the Swedish marine aircraft have also been asked to have a look when in that area.