Criminality is down in Denmark – despite what people think

A new report shows that the public perception of the level of crime in Denmark does not chime with the facts

It may be hard to believe in the wake of the intensive press coverage of the gang-related shootings in Copenhagen, but crime rates are falling.

However, although there are in reality fewer robberies and break-ins occurring in Denmark now compared to five years ago, Danes believe the trend is going in the opposite direction.

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A new report from the research department of the Justice Ministry reveals that between 74 and 85 percent of the population are under the impression that there is more violent crime, robberies, break-ins, car thefts, other felonies and juvenile crime compared to five years ago.

The reality is the exact opposite.

Women most pessimistic
The report shows that it is especially women who are misjudging the trend. They lead men by 10 percentage points when it comes to over-estimating the numbers of these crimes compared to five years ago.

The report concluded that “Amongst those Danes most worried about criminality, on average there is a perception that almost every fifth Dane has experienced either violent crime, theft or a break-in over the last year.”

In fact in 2015, only 3 percent were burgled and 1.3 percent were victims of violent crime.