Nørrebro marches to halt wave of gang shootings

Embattled Copenhagen district has had enough of violence in wake of innocent bystanders being shot

Hundreds of people gathered for a torchlight procession last night in Nørrebro to protest against the spike in gang shootings that has hampered the Copenhagen district in recent weeks.

The procession went from Blågårds Plads Square to Den Røde Plads Square, where a number of speeches were held in solidarity with an embattled district that has endured nearly 30 shooting episodes since the middle of June.

“The gangs have run rampant in our dear district for weeks now,” the organisers wrote on Facebook.

“Enough is enough! – and we don’t want to see our children, youths and other innocent people become victims of criminal thugs. By using torches and solidarity, we’re showing we won’t be giving up in Nørrebro.”

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Gunning down bystanders
The last straw seemed to come over the weekend when a 39-year-old man with no apparent ties to the gang environment was gunned down by a masked shooter on a scooter. He remains in a critical condition.

And on Saturday, innocent bystanders were hit by stray bullets. In fact, the district has seen shootings every night over the past six nights, and over the past three, the victims have had no involvement in gangs.

“I begin crying every time. Is it another of our youngsters? Is my son next? Or the neighbour’s?” Christina Christensen, a Nørrebro resident who took part in the torch procession, told DR Nyheder.

Copenhagen Police announced last night that it would deploy another mobile police station to the area.