Submarine owner confirms death of missing Swedish journalist

Peter Madsen told Copenhagen City Court today that an accident led to Kim Wall’s demise

Peter Madsen, who has been charged with negligent manslaughter in connection with the missing Swedish journalist Kim Wall, has confirmed in Copenhagen City Court today that an accident took place on board his submarine ‘Nautilus’, which led to the death of Wall.

Madsen told the court that he subsequently buried the journalist at sea at an undisclosed location in Køge Bay.

Copenhagen Police said it would uphold the charge of negligent manslaughter, but refused to provide further information regarding the case as it is still investigating.

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Sonar search
The Danish and Swedish maritime authorities have mapped the submarine’s route in Køge Bay and Øresund on the night in question and several dives have been undertaken along the route. The search will continue today using sonar equipment.

Wall joined Madsen on his sub on August 10, but the vessel sank on Friday morning. Madsen was rescued, but Wall has remained missing ever since.

Madsen initially said he had dropped off the 30-year-old journalist near Refshaleøen in Copenhagen late on Thursday night, but he was charged with causing the death of the woman the following day after the police found discrepancies in his story.