No parking fines for motorists in gang-hit areas in Copenhagen

Gang war prompts traffic wardens to temporarily stop ticketing

The shootings in Nørrebro could prove an unexpected boon to motorists who are illegally parked.

For the time being, traffic wardens working for Parkering København have decided to suspend activities in the gang-plagued areas, reports Berlingske Tidende.

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“We’ve decided to pull out of certain areas of Nørrebro because we know that not everyone appreciates traffic wardens,” said area boss Jes Øksenbjerg.

Out of harm’s way
While understanding the decision, Venstre’s group chairman on the Copenhagen municipal council, Flemming Steen Munch, deplores the fact that “we can’t ensure  the existing rules are upheld in all areas of Copenhagen and that the people responsible for enforcing them can do their job in peace.”

It is not only in Nørrebro that there is a problem. “We’ve also had trouble enforcing parking regulations in the streets around Christiania, where traffic wardens have been threatened with violence and we’ve simply had to pull them out for their own safety.”