Former Uber drivers handed uber-fines for illegal taxi driving

Four ex-Uber chauffeurs ordered to pay well over half a million kroner

Four former chauffeurs have been ordered by the Copenhagen City Court to fork out almost 700,000 kroner in fines for illegal taxi driving on behalf of car sharing service Uber in Copenhagen in 2015.

One of the four, who drove over 5,400 Uber trips in 2015, was handed a whopping fine of 486,000 kroner, while the others were given fines to the tune of 110,000 kroner, 60,000 kroner and 40,000 kroner, respectively.

Key to the case against the four has been tax information from Uber’s headquarters in the Netherlands, which were forwarded to the police by the Danish authorities – after being passed on by the Dutch tax authority.

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1,500 sweating it out
It’s the first time that tax information from the Netherlands has been submitted as evidence against former Uber drivers.

The proceedings against the four has been a test case and the Copenhagen Police has charged an additional 1,500 other drivers for breaching the taxi law. These many cases have yet to go to court.

Uber pulled the plug in Denmark earlier this year following the new taxi law, which the company contended made it impossible for them to operate here. Since then, however, the company indicated that it would be prepared to make concessions to re-enter the Danish market.