September Art: Getting the feelers out for the month of art ahead

Straight up and down, straight across. Vertical, horizontal. The X and Y axis.

Humans daily pass through phases of the two elemental directions: sleeping, walking, lovemaking, leaping. These bearings are unconscious yet often crucial to activity and identity.

In co-operation with Overgaden, Sophie Dupont presents a multimedia exploration of this directional concept.

Through an immersive examination incorporating elements of performance, sculpture and video, This Will Also Change analyses, critiques and reframes the physical phases of our everyday lives. (AH)

Human Resource Management Song
Sep 1, 15:00-18:00; Movias Ferry Bus route 992;
The droll monotony of the modern workplace may be, to some, crippling.

But what if it didn’t have to be this way? Artist Hannah Anbert took this question to heart and has delivered a startling solution: make a song out of it, and sing that song on a boat.

In collaboration with Cph Art Week, passengers of the Movias Ferry Bus route 992 will receive lyric sheets, a karaoke set and an invitation to enjoy a rollicking nautical singalong addressing the many delights of the human resources department.

Bring your own fax machine.

Chart Art Fair
Sep 1-3; Kunsthal Charlottenborg;
This year’s fair questions the ‘ambiguity of design’. The range of events and speakers covers everything from gastronomy to Italian music producer Lorenzo Senni (photo) – a program seeking to map the intersection of the arts in a globalised world.

Cirkus Europe
Sep 2-Jan 14; Arken, Skovvej 100, Ishøj; 115kr;
Ever want to take a trip through a fever-dream sideshow of deformed, miserable freaks? No? Then don’t tell Michael Kvium, as this is the basis of his new exhibition at Arken, which dives into the macabre to explore contemporary crises.

Kirsten Ortwed
ongoing, ends Sep 30; Galleri Susanne Ottesen, Gothersgade 49, Cph K; free adm;
Danish artist Kristen Ortwed might shy away from any materials you’d find in an art supply store. With a portfolio spanning bronze, textiles and plastic, her latest exhibition promises further cross-media exploration.

What I do with the world
ongoing, ends Oct 7; Galleri Bo Bjerggaard, Flæsketorvet 85A, Cph V; free adm;
AK Dolven thrives in the faded, the blurred, the bleak. Her work in photography and video captures intimate snippets of everyday lives, seasoned with dashes of nihilism and nostalgia.

Stereo Mirror
ongoing, ends Sep 30; Format Artspace, Nansensgade 35, Cph K; free adm;
Format Artspace’s upcoming exhibition by Cecilie Envold Nielsen uses reflective geometry and many metres of tape to present an abstract interpretation of urban design and architecture.