Aarhus Airport lands massive SAS expansion deal

Agreement expected to increase air traffic by 50 percent

Aarhus Airport is a hub in the ascendancy following the news it has entered into a co-operation with Scandinavian airline SAS.

The strategic agreement, which involves the establishment of a considerable number of routes to European cities, is expected to boost air traffic to the airport by 50 percent.

“We’ve taken stock of our customers’ desires, as well as the vision of Aarhus and east-Jutland to expand and invest,” said Lars Sandahl Sørensen, the COO of SAS.

“Aarhus is interesting to many foreign companies and in terms of tourism, so we believe there is great potential there.”

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Ready to soar
The forthcoming co-operation will lead to a much higher frequency of departures between Copenhagen and Aarhus, while tourists will be offered a number of new summer destinations on direct flights from Aarhus.

The specific new routes will be revealed sometime in October.

“Flights to Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo are in high demand from the business sector,” said Torben Boldsen, the chair of the board at Aarhus Airport.

Hong Kong link
In related news, the airline Cathay Pacific has confirmed it will open a direct route between Copenhagen and Hong Kong on May 2.

It will be the first time in 19 years that a direct flight will exist between the two cities.