Major sex survey underway in Denmark

Stephen Gadd
September 5th, 2017

This article is more than 7 years old.

Researchers are looking for more information about our sex lives and how sex influences our daily lives

Stealthing is when somebody secretly removes their condom without telling the other (photo: Flickr/Tina Franklin)

Statens Serum Institut (SSI) and Aalborg University have teamed up to conduct Project Sexus, a major investigation into the way that sex, health and well-being interact that Alfred Kinsey would be proud of.

Over the next day or two, 200,000 randomly-chosen Danes between the ages of 15 and 89 will receive a questionnaire in their e-boks containing between 150 and 190 questions.

And providing they actually check their e-boks, the researchers are optimistic that Danes will respond favourably to the initiative, reports Videnskab.dk.

“We’re asking people to take us into their confidence and answer some extremely personal questions – things that many people normally don’t talk to each other about,” said project leader Morten Frisch from SSI.

Penetrating questions
Those receiving the questionnaire will be asked to answer questions on their sex life such as whether they feel attracted to women, men or people with multiple sexual orientations.

They will also be quizzed on their level of sexual experience and how much sex they have in a relationship, as singles or living in a nursing home.

The survey is about more than just sex. A high proportion of the questions are about contact with other people, how much people drink or smoke, how they’ve grown up, how much sickness they’ve had, and how they view their bodies.

The ultimate aim is to find out what factors influence our sex lives in positive and negative directions, but especially how sex and intimacy are connected with our health.


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