Danish-based group’s fundraising efforts for Ukraine take to the stage

Since its foundation in 2004, Bevar Ukraine has been busy adding numbers, raising awareness and sending aid

Often forgotten by the world media in the light of the North Korean tests, President Donald Trump’s tweets and Miley Cyrus’ twerks, the Crimea peninsula in Ukraine, along with other parts of the country, remains occupied by Russia, and the country needs aid as much as it ever has.

Founded in 2014, Bevar Ukraine is a Ukrainian-Danish humanitarian organisation that is making a difference. It works closely with municipalities, hospitals, schools, companies, private persons and other Danish NGOs to raise funds for the European country.

On Sunday, it is holding a charity concert at the Vaxhall in Aarhus specifically to raise funds for the transportation of humanitarian and medical aid to Ukraine. On stage will be Druga Rika, one of Ukraine’s most famous rock bands.

15 trucks and counting
Already, in just three years, Bevar Ukraine has sent more than 15 trucks of humanitarian help to Ukraine, assisting a wide range of institutions, including hospitals, schools and orphanages.

With 200-300 members in Denmark, it currently has two chapters – in Herning and Aabenraa – with plans to establish four more in Viborg, Aarhus, Odense and Copenhagen.

That’s not bad for an organisation that sprung from one post on social media just three years ago!

Raising social awareness
“The economic and political situation in Ukraine push us to take responsibility for the people who are in urgent need,” Bevar Ukraine board member Andrii Kuzmyn told CPH POST.

“Creation of social awareness will help us to scale up our activities and increase the volume of humanitarian aid.”

Bevar organised a fund-raiser football tournament in May