HELLOpenhagen’s walk of gain beats any game of thrones

The annual expat fair provides newcomers to the city with an excellent opportunity to find out more about cultural and leisure opportunities

New environments are intimidating – likewise meeting new people. Copenhagen is full of them: not just Danes but thousands of internationals – 24 percent of the population in fact.

So it’s understandable if you’re feeling a little reticent about attending next week’s HELLOpenhagen welcome fair for recent arrivals to the city.

We hear you! Given the recent weather, an evening in with ‘Game of Thrones’ makes far more sense.


No regrets
But believe us, you’ll be missing out, because at the heart of the capital’s municipal government lies a hall no less grand than the one in King’s Landing, which on September 19 at 16:00 will come alive as 30-odd clubs and organisations clamour for your attention.

Granted, there may not be a climbing club to help you ascend The Wall or a Hall of Faces society to help you penetrate the next gathering of Walder Frey’s clan.
But sign up for this event and you won’t regret it. Joining a sports club or hobby group can be the single most important thing you do to integrate into living here.
Before you know it, you’ll be blending in like Arya Stark on a rainy day in Bravos – in grey of course.

Across the Narrow Sea
“Here at HELLOpenhagen the international citizens get an introduction to the cultural and leisure life in Greater Copenhagen, and they also get to meet some of the many clubs and organisations in the area,” the fair’s organiser, Louise Seest, explained to CPH POST.

“Almost 30 organisations, associations, culture houses and companies are attending. Perhaps you want to join a sports club, go dancing, play music, become a volunteer. You can also meet some of our Swedish friends and partners, who are here to give you information about living on the Swedish side of the Sound.”


Pancakes and handshakes
Along with displays by the fair’s participants, and an address by Carl Christian Ebbesen, the deputy mayor for culture and leisure, the famous and delicious City Hall pancakes will also be served.

“Our hope is that the guests will feel inspired to take an active part in city life – whether they are interested in learning more about theatre plays, events at cultural houses or museums, sports activities and other things,” continued Seest.

“When expats move to Copenhagen, most of them have a job and maybe a partner, but there is more to life than that. A good hobby or joining a sports team can give you a break from your daily routine and maybe lead to great friendships.”

Old-timers welcome!
This year marks a change in the name of an event that was formerly called the Copenhagen Expat Fair.

“We have named the event HELLOpenhagen because we want to open our arms to all international citizens and say ‘HELLO’,” explained Seest.

“HELLOpenhagen is not only for those who have just arrived in Denmark, but also for those who have lived here for many years and want to get inspired by the rich culture and leisure life Copenhagen can offer. We want it to be an event our guests want to visit every year.”


Surviving the north
So with winter coming, this is the ultimate warm welcome you’ve been looking for to see you through the cold.

An official blood seal is unnecessary to sign up for free here.