Denmark earmarks funds to combat terrorism on a local level

A pilot program has been set up as a step to fight violent extremism in IS states

Danish foreign minister Anders Samuelsen has announced the setting up of a new anti-terrorism initiative in the IS frontline states of Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon.

The money will be used to combat radicalisation at a local level, cut off funding to terrorism, counteract IS internet propaganda and ensure that law and order initiatives to combat terrorism are carried out with respect for human rights and judicial principles.

“Denmark is deeply engaged in the fight against terrorism and violent extremism,” said Samuelsen.

“We’re making a solid contribution on many fronts, which are involved the military coalition against IS but also, to a high degree, at the other end of the spectrum in the form of preventive initiatives amongst the civil population.”

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Winning over hearts and minds
One of the concrete initiatives is the building up of local preventive networks against radicalisation in six towns in Jordan and Lebanon.

“The fight against terrorism can’t be won by force of arms alone. We have to intervene early to make sure that young people especially are not seduced by terrorist propaganda.”