City mayor’s U-turn on contentious Amager Fælled development

Fierce opposition looks to have derailed development of Copenhagen green space

Copenhagen Mayor Frank Jensen has announced he is considering alternatives to the development of the capital’s biggest green space, Amager Fælled, in light of stern opposition and fleeting support.

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According to Jensen, a majority at City Hall behind construction plans involving 2,500 new homes has dissipated, and accordingly alternatives will now be looked at.

“I’m not made of stone and I must adapt to the reality that surrounds me – which is that there is public opposition to developing at Ørestad Boulevard /Vejlands Allé and that a large majority wants an alternative location to be investigated,” said Jensen.

“There is still a binding task present, which involves finding land for more housing – Copenhagen is yearning for that. Additionally, we are also forced to pay the bill for the Metro.”

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Campground option
Local Venstre and Konservative members have proposed an area west of the development ground – an area currently designated for camping, which is also owned by the municipality.

Jensen said he will suggest that this location be looked at as a future location at a coming meeting with the Copenhagen citizenry representation committee.

Another issue that needs to be looked into is whether Parliament will be inclined to repeal the protective status of the camping area – which is technically still part of Amager Fælled.

Another alternative that perhaps the municipality could investigate would be the one presented by a Danish architecture firm to build a 550,000 sqm island in Copenhagen Harbour as an alternative to the long-term harbour tunnel project – a route that would offer new grounds for development and one that would ostensibly eliminate the need for construction on Amager Fælled.