Police unveil new off-road motorcycles in battle with gangs

All terrain BMWs can manoeuvre in areas pertinent to the gang conflict

You can run, but you can’t hide … at least not very easily anymore.

Copenhagen Police recently revealed it had obtained a new weapon in its conflict with the gangs: off-road motorcycles.

The all-terrain motorcycles were purchased because the police realised that gangs are increasingly escaping crime scenes on stolen scooters and mopeds down dirt roads and narrow passages that traditional police vehicles are unable to navigate.

“With the new off-road motorcycles we can patrol areas and terrain where the gang conflict is taking place, cracking down on the vehicles being implemented by the perpetrators,” the Copenhagen Police wrote on Facebook.

“The motorcycles have been used for a couple of weeks now and we can already see that they’ve had a preventative impact. We’ve already stopped stolen scooters and mopeds on our new motorcycles.”

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Versatile vehicle
The police contend that their new BMW F700Gs bikes are capable of travelling on a variety of terrain, including gravel, grass, pavements and even stairs. They are also versatile enough to manoeuvre through narrow passageways, gates, doors and cycle barriers.

They’ve been a great help compared to the larger and more cumbersome traditional police motorcycles that lack the flexibility to navigate the compact back streets of Copenhagen.

“People have a tough time getting away from them. And the good thing about the motorcycles is that they can keep up with people trying to escape and they can report where the fleeing party is located,” Lars Hougaard, a deputy police inspector with the Copenhagen Traffic Police, told TV2 News.