Denmark has its first headscarf model

Amina Adan of Unique Models giving young Muslim women a fashion icon of their own

A land brimming with beautiful women, Denmark has produced a long line of supermodels, including Helena Christensen, Nina Agdal and May Andersen, to mention just a few.

But now the Danish modelling industry is drawing headlines for something a little more unique. The modelling bureau Unique Models has become the first agency in Denmark to hire a model who wears a headscarf.

Her name is Amina Adan.

Still in its infancy
“It’s quite exceptional. Globally, there are very few models who have worked with headscarves on,” Chris Pedersen, a TV host and fashion expert, told DR Nyheder.

“In the US, there is one woman who has done shows for many of the big fashion agencies and many of the big magazines, but it’s a very small segment and something that is still in its infancy.”

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Calling for creativity
Pedersen said that young Muslim women have long been overlooked by the fashion industry, so it’s refreshing that a fashion agency has finally decided to promote the look.

Jacqueline Mikkelsen, the CEO of Unique Models, said she wasn’t purposely on the outlook for a model in a headscarf, but rather accredited the company for always trying to diversify.

“I think we will encourage creativity,” Mikkelsen told DR Nyheder.

“I would expect that the Danish fashion industry in particular is creative, and I would expect that they can see the opportunity in booking Amina on par with everyone else. It may require a little bit more creativity, but I have faith that the Danish fashion industry has that.”