Two arrested in terror case in Denmark

Pair allegedly tried to send high-tech drone equipment to Iraq and Syria

The Copenhagen Police and the Danish intelligence agency PET have arrested two people in Denmark under suspicion they have tried to take part in terrorism abroad.

A 28-year-old man and a 29-year-old woman were arrested yesterday following a long investigation.

“The case involves the purchase and transportation of items from Denmark to IS in Syria/Iraq that were to be implemented in battle actions,” the Copenhagen Police wrote in a press release.

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Drone equipment
The two arrested were reported as being of an ethnic background other than Danish, and they will appear in court this morning – a hearing the prosecution has asked to be held behind closed doors.

The police were out in force in Brøndby yesterday, which a number of media have speculated could have something to do with the case.

According to TV2 News, a number of computers, cameras and professional drone equipment were found during the raids.