S-trains see big delays across Copenhagen

Technical issues are heavily disupting normal services

If you’re using public transport whilst heading to work or the airport this morning, be aware that there will probably be delays.

Due to technical errors at Hundige and Nordhavn stations, the services on nearly all the S-train lines are disrupted, resulting in significant changes to traffic

All S-train line services except the F-Line are disrupted and travellers have to take commuter buses on the stretch between Hundige and Åmarken.

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Line services
According to national rail operator DSB, Line A is operating between Farum and Svanemøllen stations, Line B is operating between Høje Taastrup and Østerport stations and Line C is operating between Frederikssund and Østerport stations.

Line E is operational between Køge and Hillerød stations and is the only line to operate between Svanemøllen and Østerport stations.

Line H is operational between Frederiksssund and CPH Central stations, while Line Bx is not operational.