Another rune stone discovered on Bornholm

A Swedish archaeologist on holiday made a surprising discovery while visiting a nearby church

Bornholm already has 39 of them and now another one has been added to the list – rune stones, that is.

The stone is currently serving as a support for the arch over the door of Saint Knud’s church at Knudsker, just outside Rønne, and it had not been previously registered, DR Nyheder reports.

Although only a portion of the inscription is visible, it is still possible to make out the symbols for ‘Christ help his soul’.

It’s new to us, at least
Parishioners have no doubt been aware of it for some time, but it took a visiting Swedish archaeologist to alert Lisbeth Imer from Denmark’s National Museum to the stone’s presence.

Imer is now trying to find out whether the stone could have been made by the same person as another one found in Svaneke.

“The way the word ‘help’ is spelt is a little odd. We only know that from the stone in Svaneke churchyard,” Imer said.

If it turns out to be the same carver, that would also be rather unique.